Monday, September 24, 2012

Cycle is ......

Finally here!!!! After I pick my uterus up off the floor, thank you!!! She came swiftlyy and fierce!!! I am excited go get onto the next cycle and I hope I can keep this happy momentum going in this journey. So I will start clomid on Thursday. I started charting and taking temps and I will use opk's this month and we will just relax and see. I am excited about fall and drink cider, wine and some good woodchuck!!!

So other than that my oldest daughter had a broken heart this weekend and my DH went to walgreens and got her fav chocolate covered cherries and was her shoulder to cry in how sweet. He is the best. Weekend was great DH worked all day which was a bummer and the sunday was the usual sunday dinner at my Nan's house who is 90 and is full of life!!! Love her anyways I have a busy week ahead back to school night etc etc!!! Working this weekend which sucks too. Till next time GL and baby dust

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