Thursday, September 13, 2012

It's like riding a bike right??

So I made the previous post almost a year ago, my how things have changed!!! I recently got married and suffered through a recent mc in august blah. Well what can I say I started a vlog on youtube I know crazy right but I felt like I had to, I had to be the voice for the couples who have what I have and forgo IVF and try other options. I could not find one person who had a balanced translocation and wasn't doing IVF. I give it to the couples that are doing IVF, the emotional and financial toll it must take but right now in this moment I am where I need to be trying what I am trying and above all having faith. Faith that God brought me and Lenny back together after all these years that we can add/start a family of our own. ( I feel a George Michael song coming on  right here)

  So we are back on the TTC bike. We are pedaling slow right now and coasting. I am awaiting AF to show after my mc on August 17 so hopefully this weekend she arrives. I have always gone back to my 30 day cycle right after my mc but this time watch I won't oh well. I have switched OB/GYN and wish I would of done it sooner, I am in love with my DR and the practice is great, you can access your test results online and he said if I think I am pregnant or just get a BFP come in right away and be seen and have my levels drawn. Thank you Jesus(my Melissa Gorga voice here thanks RHONJ). Also he gave me clomid can a get a whoot whoot my other OB/GYN would not. Love him. So are plan is to try the clomid, low amolyse diet and acupuncture this cycle, temp, and opks!!! Pheww that's alot but hey my eggies aren't getting any younger!!! I also stopped see the RE didn't like the office only saw the DR one time the nurses were rude, I felt like since I am not doing IVF they didn't care about me!!! Plan to see a different RE dr who casme highly recommended by many women at my work after January if need so(hopefully will not need too)So if anyone see that pesky witch send her my way. until next time sticky dust to all and to all a good night!!!!


  1. Hi there, just clicked over from LFCA. Re other women with BT but not doing IVF, are you aware there is a group on yahoo for BT's - I think its mixed whose doing what but you'll probably find some other women there who are trying the natural way. If you can't find it, leave me a comment so I can PM you the link
    good luck with it all :-)

  2. Yes I am a part of that group but found many were doing IVF and honestly hate the layout of yahoo groups and there is also a group on fb but I have not been going on fb that much either, I am more doing this and my vlog and watching my fellow ladies in ttc'ers on youtube.