Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy halloween

This year no trick or treating for me my oldest is too old and my other daughter is with her father. It's kind of weird, sad and nice all in one. No running home trying to do make-up, hair, and last minute things like remembering I didn't get trick or treat bags. I will have one last year next year to trick or treat, Lily will only be 10 so we will go out,  but I wonder today on this gloomy Halloween is this it? I am done Halloween, will I ever dress up a baby for Halloween and try to teach it to say trick or treat again? Will my husband ever get to experience a first Halloween with a  baby? It leaves me thinking and for a minute I am down and out, then I think I need to be positive and yes we will be trick or treating with a little one  of our own maybe not next Halloween but it will happen soon enough for us. Have to be positive well that's what Joel Osteen says!!!! Well everyone have  a safe and happy Halloween everyone!!!!

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