Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My ttc buys.....

Just wanted to give a cycle update and let you know that I started the pregnitude. It's a powder you put into your water once in the morning and once at night it is tasteless. I am hoping it helps with egg quality, I do not think it will help this cycle but maybe the next two it will. I also have been temping and I am all knew to that so I will like to see how my next cycle goes with temping so I have something to compare too. I also got my opk's and pg tests ion the mail super excited so guess what I did....yep peed on one and this is what I got...

So maybe I will ovulate over the weekend I wasn't expecting to ovulate until cd 17,18 and that was taken on cd 10 so maybe I will ovulate on like cd 14 or 15 who knows?

here is the link

It cost 34.99 for a month supply.

Here are my batch of wonfo's so excited. I love that I have these now because it makes me feel like we are really really ttc. I didn't want to buy them before because ti me it felt like I am really having a hard time ttc and I need these, I don't know if anyone else feels that way. I also like that i don't have to go to the dollar store and look like a cray lady buying pg test every other day. So here goes nothing waiting to ovulate.
Till next time GL and baby dust to all!!!!

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