Friday, October 12, 2012


I ovulated well according to my opk's and Fertility friend I did. We had good bding times and I am hopeful really really hopeful. I went to acupuncture last night and I kept reciting positive affirmations in my head. I am trying to be positive about my cycles from now on. I know we can do this and I know we'll hold a baby in our arms in 9 months. So I started taking my progesterone last night 200mg vaginally. I decided to take it after looking back on my last mc. I always spotted from the day I found out I was pg and when I got my level checked it was only 3.2. I was measuring behind but they said my hcg levels were good and my sac looked great so I was thinking maybe I did produce a normal egg and it was my progesterone so they gave me a script that I filled for the mc so I decided to take it. So I researched the hell out of it online and also decided to take it vaginally instead of orally. What I read was that if you take it orally your liver absosrbs most of it and the side effects are horrible. If you take it vaginally you absorb it better and less side effects. So we'll see. I am only 4dpo and I am trying no to test until Sat the 20th but probably will cave and test on Friday. So have a great weekend and enjoy the fall weather and festivities!!!!

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