Sunday, October 28, 2012

The calm before the storm

Sitting here waiting for hurricane Sandy and this is what keeps popping in my head
haha I keep wanting to belt out, "Your the one that I love"!!! Hopefully we will not get hit too bad and praying we do not lose power. This is going to be short post hubby next to me sleeping!!!!shhh!!!!! Had a thought today and I will show you in a pic what my thought was

This is what it takes to get pregnant in your 30's and this is what it takes in tour 20's

Go figure!!!???? Well anyways on cd 5 taking clomid, did acupuncture on sat probably won'tmake it there until next sat because of the storm. My Uncle who is my dad's brother(my dad passed away 12 years ago) he takes care of my Nan who is 90 and he has a bad heart and is back in the hospital so I slept over her house last night felt horrible all day, ran a low grade fever went to bed early and feeling fine today weird!!! But the damn fever messed with my bbt charting!!! That's it for now good night, good luck and baby dust!!!!

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