Friday, December 14, 2012

christmas miracle????.......

All I want for Christmas is a normal egg to meet with my Dh sperm. That's all!!!  So I am waiting for a positive opk still not getting one maybe tonight???? Ugghh and to top it off af is due on the 28th really????? Totally sucks so I am not testing at all I promise myself that I will not take away from the holidays and preoccupy my mind with testing and take way from enjoying Christmas!!! So onward we go and we have decided by March to see a Re. Why march because the weather here on the East coast can get pretty sucky during the winter. So I do not want to have to drive through a storm to get to RE's office. Everyone around me is pregnant at work!!! It doesn't help that I do 12 hour shifts either ughhh!!!! I want this so bad my heart actually aches!!!! I want to be able to start the new year with a healthy pregnancy. I can be positive though about ovulating on my own hopefully!!! So till next time baby dust to all!!!!

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