Friday, January 4, 2013

holding my breath

So my dh insisted I poas the other night so I did. After just going to the bathroom an hour before and drinking 32 ounces that day I did. To my surprise there were two lines the one was the there wasn't as dark as I wanted but there. So I am out of my limbo safe haven and into the holding my breath and hoping and praying this is our take home baby. The same thing happened to us on the same   exact dates two years back I made it to the 12  and the same dates in August made it to the 13. I am very conflicted  on how to feel on one hand I feel this is it, my boobs hurt more than they did the other 6 Times. I have been praying a couple of different prayers throughout the day. I have had slight cramps like two times maybe. Just feel like this is it we are pregnant!!  Then I feel my boobs don't hurt as much as they did yesterday I am not tired like everyone says they are. I ovulated late and so on. I guess I am scared to lose it. I am scared if I go on like yes I am pregnant and nothing is going to happen and something does I will completely and utterly lose it.I have decided as of  today right now I am putting my faith in God and trusting that this pregnancy will be great and we will have our take hone baby. I prayed numerous times yesterday different prayers . I prayed to my dad and my brother. I just prayed. So today I am pregnant and overjoyed that I am. Today I stop holding my breath but instead take a deep breath and thank  God for the gift of this baby he has given me and a third chance of being a mother.


  1. Hoping it all works out for you :)

  2. Congrats, girl! Praying for you and this baby!