Sunday, January 20, 2013


Lazy that's how I have been feeling. I tried to upload pics but for some reason its not letting me. I have been busy with Lily's cheer comp yesterday there all day till 8 at night. I  give it up to my wonderful Hubby who worked Saturday and came to comp so he also had a long day!!!! I am on the PPA aka PTA for my girls school so I am in volunteering to help with school dance so I bought some decorations this weekend wish I could show you but it won't let me upload!!!! Also kind of became treasurer so I have to open a bank account for the PPA which I will have to do on Tuesday my day off along with changing out the box top board and lunch mom. Also order the photo cards online and get more items this weekend for dance like plates,napkins and wrapping paper or table cover to use as background for pictures. Phewww. I am actually glad I have all this stuff to keep me busy I really am I have no idea what cd I am on I think like 14/15 took opk on Friday was negative didn't take one yesterday going to take one after I am done blogging. I have had bad headaches this cycle from the clomid which have sucked went to bed early last night which I don't like to do on Saturday nights especially when Lily is here it's our family time and being silly. Kids are off tomorrow I have work from 7a-1 got someone to pick up the rest of my shift since the girls are off. Oh also ordered a trophy for box tops winner for girls school whichever class wins gets the trophy for that month and then it gets passed onto the next class who wins. Also ordered my sock partner her socks hope she likes them. Busy week ahead orthodontist appt for Rye, going to try to get into the eye dr for Lily tomorrow or Tuesday and maybe me and hubby by  the end of the week. Calgon take me away. So I am soaking up vegetating on the couch today and loving every second and wishing I could do this for a couple more days. I actually could hibernate all winter I dislike winter don't like going out in the cold. I despise it so much that my one gf texted me yesterday for me to come over today and I told her text me today when she wants me to come over and she didn't text  me and I was happy that she didn't!!!! Okay headache is creeping back this sucks!! Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!!

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