Tuesday, February 5, 2013


That is what happened to me last night I could not fall asleep. Nothing particular was keeping me from dreamy land but as the time ticked by so did my thoughts they were actually all good thooughts. Baby names actually were popping in my head!!! I had a great day yesterday I voluntered at my girls school and afterwards went to thrift store and picked up some great buys for my best friend who is due in  April some cute little boy outifts and even ran them over to her house to show her right afterwards. I then came home counted box tops  and relaxed with my girls playing walking dead on ps3 awesome game I might say!!!! 
 Now onto my cycle well just as I predicted this cycle was a bust. I started spotting on saturday night at 11dpo!!! That is so not like me I always spot the day before af then she comes. I have been spotting on and off since then and tomorrow will probably full flow. I did test and it was a big fat negative but I actually was glad it was stark white!! No guessing and hoping and clutching at straws no bargaiing with God that I will stop curisng and go to church more. It was refreshing to get the BFN, I know crazy. Onto the next cyle as my other ttcer's would say forge ahead. I will do clomid again this month and try try try. That's all we can do right? Try
Here are the clothes I got for my bestie!!

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  1. Hey cycle sister! I want to nominate you for the Liebster Award! Find the inof on my blog under blog post title "I would like to thank"!!