Friday, March 29, 2013

flat tire,drag queens,iui oh my....

The weekend started out with anxiety. It started out with my follie check on Thursday which right 25 and left 13 and my trigger shot not being dropped off because it needed a signature even though I emailed the pharmacy no signature needed!! Also had to go up to Re to get wash fir hubby men thank God FedEx was on the way. We made the best of it and hubby was coming down with a nasty virus fever and all great timing right???? So he did the injection around 8 and the next day in afternoon boy did I feel the pain!!! So Friday night I agreed weeks ago to go out with an old friend for his bday that me and my hubby grew up with a close dear friend that we recently connected with. So downtown we went yo a gay bar full of drag queens it was fun unusual and interesting to say the least .
So we left early around 11 both anxious about the following morning. I did have fun but really was detached there on friday night I had so much anxiety about the procedure but about hubbys sperm count he has never had one before. So were are in the highway and we get a flat and all I can think about is how am I going to get to iui tomorrow??? Wtf thankfully hubby got the donut in but I was terrified to drive on a donut so far as I had too. So I woke up at 4am took solution out of the frig and then hubby woke up an hour later and did his duty. He brought his men and tmi when you see it in a cup well at least me you're like this is it??? So I started panicking there is not going to be enough so I stuck it in my bra and went forth to the iui all the way there desperately wanting my hubby by my side. So guess what happens next? Get there take the men out of my bra and some leaked!!Right there I wanted to throw in the towel and cancel. So sign in and wait, finally get into the back after an hour of waiting expecting to hear bad news and guess what my hubby has super sperm .3.6 ml 80 mill and 95% motility after wash!!!whew!!!!!!So the procedure itself was like 30 seconds!!! Went home got my fav pizza and took long nap!!! Now its the waiting game:((

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