Tuesday, March 12, 2013

patio furniture or baby hmmm

Ok so went to new RE liked him a lot and so did my hubby. My hubby took off work and came with me today. So I have had a gut feeling that something besides my translocation is going on and guess what so did my RE!!! He feels with my spotting and light periods clomid is not doing the job correctly so he prescribed femara and ovidrel. So everything went well on that end now onto insurance. So I was getting ready to pay my nice little copay if 35 when she said that will be 335.00 for today I nearly fell on the floor. My insurance is making me pay deductible to the tune of 500.00 and then they cover 80% and We are responsible for 20% on top of copay and that this visit is the most expensive!!! So I have rounded out that like 90 every time I need ultrasound and so on. If I just need blood I will get it done at my hospital because its free. I am glad we can do this but by no means are we rich I have major brace work to pay for this month and braces will be paid off by august!!! The patio furniture I wanted is no go and the top kitchen cabinets might take a little longer to get!! but I will take a baby over patio furniture!!!


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    1. Thanks and better news just found out ultrasounds will cost 12.00 and labs 6.00-9.00!!!oh yeah!!!!!