Thursday, March 7, 2013


Started with dry scratchy throat on monday and turned into body aches and fever tuesday!! Called out of work wed and today. Started taking HPT on dollar tree on tuesday. See there is a slight problem FF had my ovulation day on min and I over rode it and put it to Sunday so I am either 10/11 dpo and dollar tree gave me damn evap lines!!! So my temp dipped yesterday and shot back up today and on top if that spotting!!! Hello wtf!! I want to scream I do not feel pregnant at all everytime I have been my boobs hurt my af according to my luteal phase of 14 days is due on monday. We fid everything right took clomid bd all the right days!!! Why am I spotting on 11dpo again like last month?? Or I am 10 dpo and its implantation bleeding but who am I kidding I am not that lucky!!! Oh and I still feel like crap!!! feeling down and out:(

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