Monday, April 29, 2013


My mom told me when I was a young girl that babies souls come from heaven. That they are up there with all of our loved ones that have already gone to heaven. I believe this, it is a comforting thought. That my precious baby/babies are up there with my dad,brother, and Lenny's dad and many others. That my dad is maybe waiting for the perfect timing to let this soul come to me and Lenny. Timing is everything. Everything happens for a reason wether we like it or not. I take comfort in thinking that the reason I am not pregnant yet has nothing to do with science, eggs,sperm,timing or anything else scientific for that matter. I would rather take solace that my baby's soul is getting molded and loved from up above that my dad just might be having a hard time letting it go that maybe he knows more than me and right now is just not time. So if I get that bfn this cycle I will try not to cry but take comfort in that my dad is holding to a piece of me and a beautiful soul a little bit longer.