Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Lazy couch potato

Lazy weekend was anxious for dr appt on monday!!! the appt went good cd11 lining 7 two follies 18 and 16??? emEstrogen an 84 so you know what I did started googling the hell out of that. Me and my girls netflix all day saturday while Lenny worked till after midnight!!! Then Sunday me and Lenny relaxed watched greys anatomy girls were in and out all day and I enjoyed some peanut m&m and root beer water ice!!! Try to get motivated to go for a run but couldn't I really need to loae weight but have zero motivation!!! Going to try tomorrow for a run. My best friend is in labor right now and I am so excited . So just another day at work till next time . Oh I lit candles for all my fellow girls going through infertility and for those who just got their bfp!!!


  1. Yumm!!! I love that you lite some candles, very sweet!!!

  2. Root beer water ice....looks yummy! The candles...what a sweet gesture.