Monday, May 13, 2013


So I am benched this cycle!! Had car trouble and timing wasn't able to make it to RE. So I am drug free this cycle which I think is good I have been  on meds since   September. So we are just going to relax this cycle well at least try too!!!
Today is also my daughters 10 year old bday it saddens me that she is in double digits that she is getting biggerit really   saddens my heart. 25 years ago today my brother passed away at the tender age of 21 on his last day of college. There was no crime no car accident just mother nature he was struck and killed by lightning. So today is bittersweet. Tomorrow is my dad's birthday and then two days after that is the anniversary of his death. This is the week that is an emotional roller coaster for me. Just trying to take deep breaths and letting the tears flow....