Friday, May 24, 2013


I love road trips!!! I always daydream on them. When I was in a bad marriage I would daydream about being with my now husband and how much better life   would be!!! Dreams do come true. Now as I sit on this bus headed to DC with my oldest  baby on her 8th grade trip I am  daydreaming about BFP and me and Lenny with a baby added to our family. Which road in life my Rye will take. Sometimes I daydream of us camping with an added family member with a stroller parked along side a tent. I dream about my daughters being big  sisters and loving their baby brother/sister. Sometimes my dreams are just me  and Lenny   older traveling camping at Yosemite seeing the Grand Canyon the girls are grown up doing their own thing. Truthfully it hurts my heart when those dreams enter my mind. But I do find comfort that in the end baby or no baby I have my wonderful husband and my 2girls. Quite frankly life keeps moving even if your dreams are stuck in your head and never come to fruition. Thats why they are called dreams right? There is a chance they might come true thats why we keep dreaming.....

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