Tuesday, June 10, 2014

tick tock

Tick tock goes the clock of my maternity leave coming to an end. We literally just got into a routine and bam now we have to get into another one. The anxious feeling that is stuck in my chest and throat  is sometimes no honestly it is overwhelming. She will be in great hands of my awesome loving mother in law who is like a mother to me. I want to be there. I love being at home yes sometimes it's a little mundane but it's awesome. I love nursing her through out the day and how she now looks up at me. Love her giggles and laughs. Love being here constantly for my girls. Love not looking on a calendar and trying to balance. I have been holding her closer lately not wanting to let go. When I think of leaving  tears fill up my eyes and my heart aches.
   I do no want to miss any moments I want to be there for everything. From Leah  rolling over  to award ceremonies at school. All moms want to be there for everything. When we miss something it makes us feel awful. Like this morning when Lily informed me that her end of the year award ceremony is Thursday but I can't go because I have work and needed to have my day off on Friday because   my MIL can not watch the baby that day. Then I remembered that I am running a uniform sale at school that afternoon and do not have a sitter then remembered I have a teenager living here somewhere so she can watch Leah for a few hours. These are the things that make you want to just stay at home and not go back to work. I constantly hear from other working moms it would be so much easier to stay at home. It just really sucks when you can't plain and simple it sucks.
   So I googled about not wanting to go back to work and all I got was crap like if you turn off cable you can stay at home. Like really if all we had to do was clip so damn coupons and shut off cable to be able to stay at home I would be a clipping maniac but that's not how it really works bottom line. Also article after article kept saying live simple and you can stay at home. Well honey we already live simple. If we live any simpler we will be little house on the prairie!!! I did read an article on how hard it is to get back in the work force though when one wants to go back. So I took in account that I carry the benefits for my family, our needs and wants. Kids just get more expensive as they get older Lily is going to need braces next year $$$ and if she goes to a catholic high school which is where she probably will attend our public school system here is scary that costs money. Mariah  has college in three years and so on. Also we like to camp and take vacations. Lily has sports and other activities that cost money. We need a bigger car but we will not get a car payment though. I have also been at my job for 9 years it is flexible. My husband and I do make decent money but I could not consciously take away half our income. Working part time I couldn't do either because of the health benefits I carry for our family. So it's off  to work I go.  My husband reminded me that we are working to give our kids the best that we can give they them. That they have the opportunities we did not have. Now I am not slamming SAHM or people who chose to live without in order to stay at home it works for them. I wish it could be that easy for my family but it's not. Money isn't everything believe me I know I am a simple person and  know from my own experiences that I would rather have someones time and love than money. I wish I could stay at home and find money for braces, tuition, softball, camps, classes,co pays,electric bill,mortgage and so on. I would love to stay at home for every moment but I can't. My other girls survived and they still do hate when I work so parents no it does not get any better. My 15 year old still asks when I have work and when it's my long day she sighs. I just like to think I am setting  a good example and try to make up for lost moments by being the PTA president and running around like a crazy person through the school year, making cupcakes at 9pm, making their favorite dinners, and so much more. Maybe this time around I will really appreciate the time I do  have with Leah because honestly I did not appreciate it both times before. I was in different places those times in my life and right now I am in the best place I have ever been in my life I am married to a wonderful man who is my best friend and I have a partner this time I am not doing this alone so it's awesome. I can honestly enjoy my baby this time so that is what I think makes me want to stay home this time. I was able to stay home with Lily till she was nine months but it was stressful I was broke and dealing with an alcoholic husband at the time. It was just awful so I wasn't able to really enjoy it.  What I am trying to do is to be engaged meaning no more cell phone when they are home from school and just living in the moment because at the end of the day that's are we are all guaranteed that moment at that time. So relish in it, breathe it in and soak it up.

***I will let you all know how I made out going back to work in my next post****

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